In this article, two verses in the bible are expounded upon, both being about heeding God’s instruction.

  1. Psalm 32.8 – I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.

This verse in the book of Psalms shows David’s experience with God the teacher and the guide. One thing that stands out to me here is David’s belief that God will instruct. The essence of an instruction is not fully realized until it is obeyed. So the way to really enjoy the benefits of walking with God, as touched on here is by obeying His instruction. The one open question here is how to identify His instruction.

The first place is in the bible; if God said it in the bible, it stands. His word is as real as can be, is available for reference in prayer, and is effective for results. Isaiah 55:9-11 says just as the rain and the snow do not water the earth in vain but yield produce, so are the words from God; they will not return to Him void, but will yield results.

The second is by revelation. Major parts of a Christian lifestyle like prayer, fasting and meditating on the word help enable our growth in receiving revelation from God. However, one sure way to stifle that growth is to not heed instruction when one has received it. Be careful to never ignore instruction, instead bring it more alive by obedience. The more you obey, the louder the voice gets. The more your spirit being is expressed in your reality.

The next part of the verse then says, I will counsel you with my loving eye on you. This is where we receive the rest from in this verse. We can liken this to a parent-child relationship, where a parent’s counsel to the child is always for the child’s good, and is done with love as its intent. Even in times when it is difficult to understand why God is counselling you in a specific way, we can rest on the knowledge that He is counseling us with His loving eye on us.

2. John 14:21 – Whoever has my commands and keeps them is the one who loves me. The one who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I too will love them and show myself to them.

Singing about the love we have for Jesus is a pastime. We identify as Christians, wear nice clothes to church on Sunday, and exchange gifts during Christmas. But how do we show that we really LOVE Jesus?

This verse answers that question. We love Jesus by keeping His commands. What are His commands? Well, we can keep it simple and start from the Bible. There are four whole books that chronicle His life and commandments, and many of them even overlap. Essentially living your life through Christ at your core, is how you show that you love Jesus.

But why is it important to show that you love Jesus? What will happen when you do? Later in this same verse, it is explained that the one who loves Him will be loved by His Father, and also receive Jesus’ love in return. In addition, Jesus will show Himself to one who loves Him. A couple of verses down, He says He AND the Father will come unto one who loves Him and they will make a dwelling place in him.

Simply put, for you to have a greater revelation of Christ, you have to love Christ. And for you to show that you love Christ, you have to keep His commands. These words are written; signed, sealed, delivered. They cannot be changed. They have been established for centuries. So while going through the activities and traditions that come with religion, let us not forget the most important thing; being obedient to His word. This puts us in the most secure place we can be, a place where Christ can show himself to us, giving us the insight we need for all the circumstances in our lives.


-Tunbosun Ibrahim

KingsWord Dallas

  1. So many punchlines in this article.

    “The essence of an instruction is not fully realized until it is obeyed. ”
    “…for you to have a greater revelation of Christ, you have to love Christ.”

    I really love it. Trusting God for grace to obey Him more…

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