The piece below references the third book of Daniel.

Whoever does not fall down and worship immediately be thrown into a blazing furnace.

– Daniel 3:6

Life was happening, and suddenly Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were in a position that they did not envision, was no fault of theirs, and could not have been foreseen, as they had made no missteps to be there.

The world had drawn a line in the sand. Conform or else. There was nowhere to hide. They likely knew people saw them, and there was a chance things would get worse. They could have run.

They didn’t.

It finally happened, the king called for them. They knew exactly what for, and they knew exactly what the consequences were for their stance. Stood before the king, facing the worst kind of scrutiny. All eyes of their reporters were on them.

Luckily, a reprieve came. Or what looked like a reprieve. They were handed a way out. They were so respected that the king wanted them to live. Forget the gossipers, the hearsay-mongers. If you will obey me right in my presence, you get to live. You get to escape the burning furnace.

But still they stood.

Things then happened even faster than they would have imagined. Immediately, they were bound by the roughest toughest guys. With no due process, no arguments, they were taken and tossed into flames that had been heated up seven times hotter just for them.

It is at this point the story changes.

They are thrown into the fire and absolutely nothing happens to them. Oh the fire was hot alright. The people around who were stirred up to toss them in got engulfed in the flames.

The gossip around town was now even juicier. There is something different about these three guys. We are hearing that they still haven’t died. Imagine the fear of the man who had to go report to the king. We still see these men walking in that furnace. And then we see a fourth that we did not throw in there, but he looks like the Son of God.


All the previous parts of this event was just to get to this point. For the men to have a sighting of what they considered to be a son of the Gods in the fire with the guys they threw in. For the report to be given to the king, and for the king to shout praises to the God of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. A complete 360-degree change had occurred from the king asking the guys to worship his gods to the king testifying with his own mouth that no other god can save this way.

And all this happened with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego doing the same thing they did all along – staying steadfast in their walk with God.

My prayer is that when trouble comes as we know it will in life, it does not find us by our lonesome, but it finds us in the midst of our walk with God. And that our belief in the Lord remains steadfast. Because when we get to the point where people who may not even know what God looks like, look at how we have handled a certain situation and are forced to conclude that, God must be with him or her, we ARE helping bring thy kingdom come. We are showing the glory of God on earth, and serving our ultimate purpose.

But only by abiding can you have such results. By filling yourself up with the Word of God, staying in God’s presence, and following His commandments. Only then, will it be second nature for you to do simply what you believe, and leave God’s grace to do the rest.

I pray God’s strength for you and I in staying close to Him. So close that even when we face the turbulent times, we know no better that to obey His word and stay steadfast in Him.

-KingsWord Dallas

Tunbosun Ibrahim


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