‘I am way too deep in the dark to see any light.’

You have it all together.

All the evidence of the blessing is on you. You graduated with first class honors from the university. Even the blind can see you are going places. Money has arrived, and your growing family has more than enough to spare. Your parents and their friends are beginning to lean on you for advice, because they can see something is different about you.

Or maybe the opposite is the case. You are nonchalant about your walk in Christ. You are hot one second, cold the next. You don’t allow the fruits of your blessing to show because you won’t stay on course. People are not sure what you believe in because your words don’t match your actions.

Two different situations. One common thing to bear in mind.

It’s not all about you.

As a believer, it has been declared that you are the light of the world. If there is one identity that we have been given as believers and can guide our course as Christians, it is this.

“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.” – Matthew 5:14-16

The essence of the light source is not to illuminate itself. Rather it is for the benefit of those who need it. It is advantageous to you to hold the light, but even more so to your co-workers because the blessing you hold is the reason why the project is a sparkling success. Your friends need you to be the light to help illuminate their path, and begin their journeys as light bearers. Your society needs your light because it radiates prosperity. Your family needs to you be the light, because your blessings extend to them and they are then compelled to be light bearers. Ultimately your ability to fulfill the mandate of bringing people into the kingdom depends on your ability to keep the light bright. This is why it is so critical to be aware of the light that you hold, and be determined in your preservation of the light.

Obviously, this would not always be the path of least resistance, and will require some sacrifices. You may have to leave some people behind, who, while you have a history with them, will deter you in your journey. It will take putting in the time necessary to stay in the word and have an effective prayer life. You may have to let certain things go and forgive, as bad as they hurt, in order to preserve your light. But having the awareness that this identity as a source of light is not only for your benefit, and its importance to the people around you should inspire you to do all it takes for that light to shine.

Understanding that you are the light can also give you the comfort when you are not fitting in. You have a higher purpose here, and as such will need to remain different for all’s benefit. It may not be immediate, but people who need it will recognize that you are a light bearer and begin to utilize your light. And then simply by embracing your purpose and identity as the light of the world, another soul can experience salvation.

A group from KingsWord Dallas visited the Salvation Army shelter recently to share God’s love. We had a number of memorable interactions with some of the people using the facilities, yet undeniably one in particular stood out. After chatting with a member of the group, a certain man using the shelter decided he had had enough. He simply declared ‘I am too far deep into the dark to see any light.’

As we go through life, we need to consistently ask ourselves Am I being the light? What do I look like to my friends, my family, my community? Perhaps a light switch can be flipped immediately after one conversation, but my belief is that being exposed to the light consistently would make a huge difference in the life of someone who feels like they are too far deep in the dark. So as we enjoy that gift of the blessing that comes with being that light bearer, we need to be acutely aware of the responsibility we hold to those who need the light. We must see it a sacred duty to remain a holder of the blessing, because the lives around us literally depend on it.

– Tunbosun Ibrahim

KingsWord International Dallas


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