“My major time is 45-90 mins before I go out into the world. The more of a challenge I’m in, the busier I am, the more I pray or I’ll lose myself. I sit there…for about 30 to 40 minutes, meditating, in my favorite prayer chair. And then immediately, I start praying for people; people coming online that have asked for me to pray for them, people in the hospitals, people going through divorce, people struggling in life, people who I wouldn’t think of praying for, so I know it’s not my mind that’s doing this. This is more than my consciousness; this is God’s spirit asking me to pray for them. Sometimes I feel their bodies come into me, and it’s just amazing. And I call them and I say I was praying for you this morning, and they say ‘What?! Of all days!’ And that’s the spirit connecting us all. Here I am this country preacher, and there’s this person over there, and the spirit has connected us, because I chose to give it 60 minutes to stay there to let it happen.”

-Rev. Ed Bacon


He gives a half-hearted smile that returns to a frown when you say hello to him. Walks like the weight of the world in on his shoulders. Has no friends at work and people have started to talk about him.

She’s the friendliest around, always cheerful in disposition. But suddenly she’s quiet and to herself, and the last time you walked by, it looked like you saw tears in her eyes. She’s lost the pep in her step and the joy in her eyes.

What next?

How to Be a Blessing to Others

We very well know what struggle looks like, sometimes because we have gone through similar strains ourselves. As Christians, we should always be on the lookout for opportunities to help and to be a blessing to someone in need. But sometimes even after you recognize the need you are stuck and don’t quite know what to do. Here are some things to keep in mind in being a blessing to others.

  • Maintain a good love walk – You are not available to be a blessing to others if they can’t see how you can help. If you are so focused on your own issues, they won’t believe you have time for theirs. If you have not shown yourself to be caring or concerned about anyone else previously, nobody will lean on you in their greatest time of need.
  • Stay connected to the Spirit – It keeps your love walk active and it allows you recognize need. Also, it imparts wisdom upon you for the other person, and allows for effective prayer if needed.
  • Be open and ready to do the work – Sometimes you are led to share a bible verse with the other person and sometimes you recognize the need to pray with the person. Sometimes someone will throw you an assist and ask a question that allows you share your faith and beliefs. Understand that you are there for a reason and don’t be surprised when people start to approach you for help when they are struggling.
  • Value being a vessel – There is no issue with solving the problem if it is within you. If someone needs lunch, surely you can buy them lunch. If someone has shared a need with you, and you know it is within your ability to take care of it, be open to helping with it. Remember that it is your ability to be a vessel that enables God to make abundance flow through you.

In order for all these things to apply, you have to be steadfast in your walk. It’s the only way people will confide in you. You will not cajole with people about how you defrauded someone, and then they come to you with their issues, no matter how hard they laughed with you. And then remember when (not if) they come to you, that you are serving your purpose, and be faithful and the Lord will be with you every step of the way. When you end up in a new location, school or job, just keep in mind that this place is simply a new ministry branch office of which you are the Director.

An opportunity to be more well-rounded in ministry is available through the upcoming KingsWord Training Institute. This program , which holds on the last week of the next four months, starting in April (April 23rd to be exact), will increase your spiritual capacity, knowledge of the scripture, and spiritual gifts. It will be a time of building your ministry muscle, which will in turn enhance your walk and allow you be more of a blessing to others. Four levels are covered, one each month, at the end of which you will surely see immense growth in your spiritual life. Register to join the session and be further strengthened in the Lord.

The reward in this is that God will take care of your own concerns and needs to free you up for helping others. Imagine a Reverend saying that when he fully surrenders himself, God uses him to pray for others first. I think that highlights, more than anything, the importance that God places on helping others. And I fully believe that if you make God’s concern your concern, your life would be like a fairy tale, filled with abundance, wonders and exploits.

-Tunbosun Ibrahim

KingsWord Dallas


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