How should we live our lives as Christians? What should be our reference point? Of course, THE WORD. For everything (I mean EVERYTHING) you want to do in life as a Christian, the starting point should be the Word. You must learn to live the one-dimensional life: The Word dimension.  You must learn to consult the holy spirit for every move you want to make in life. Living a life of the supernatural requires complete and absolute dependency on God.  Let the nature of Christ be your compass, let his life inspire you, make it your life goal to be like him. It is my prayer that after all said and done, you can look back and declare boldly that I lived my life, every bit of it, a supernatural life.

Two things to watch and guard in order to live a supernatural life:

  1. Guard Your Decisions: Whatever decision you want to make, make it from the word. Coat and wrap your decision in the word. Jesus Christ said, “I can by myself do nothing…the father speaks and I do.” (John 5:30) No advice of any man should overshadow the word of God in your life. Yes, counsel is good. In fact, the word of God says “in the multitude of counsel there is safety (Prov 11:14), but every counsel you decide to act on must overlap with the Word of God. God can purpose to defeat the counsel or advice of Ahitophel (2 Sam 17:14), but He will never go against His WORD.  The word is your insurance and assurance, use it.  If truly you want to explore and enjoy the delivery of the of the supernatural, you need the Word. Train yourself, train your spirit man, train your emotion to align with the word. Train, train, train until you and the Word are one. How do you do this? Good question, follow the steps below.
    • Change your belief. Start telling yourself, “This Word works for me.” Say it at least seven times a day.
    • Pray in the Holy ghost always. At least 30 minutes per day. Fifteen minutes in the morning, Fifteen minutes in the evening.
    • Tag your day with the word. Have at least a verse for each day and memorize it.
    • Do it consistently for one month.
  2.  Guard Your Mind: “Let this mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus “(Philippians 2:5). This mindset produces a kingdom mentality. Understand and accept the fact that the only mind you need is the mind of Christ, not your mind. In the kingdom, there is a mindset that you must have, and this mindset will affect everything about you. It will affect the way you talk, the way you smile, the way you dress, the way you look, your carriage. It is a mindset of a champion, the mindset of Christ. I remember during my NYSC in Nigeria, I was having a conversation one day with a good friend, Tolu, about what the future held for us. It was towards the end of our service year. I was beginning to sound unsure, but Tolu picked up the conversation, smiled and said the future is ours. His tone was calm, and the words came out of his mouth with an unexplainable assurance. Immediately my unbelief disappeared. This mindset gives life against all odds and gives you peace even at the heart of a storm. Tolu has a mindset, it radiates all over him. It is the mindset of a champion,the mindset of Christ. What then is the mind of Christ?
    • It’s a mindset that is still and positive always. Be Positive
    • It’s a mindset that finishes a course. Stay on course and finish (John 19:30)
    • It’s a mindset that never gives up. Fight on (Matt 26:39)
    • It’s a mindset that is humble. Be humble (Philippians 2:5)

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report…think on these things. Keep climbing, keep soaring and keep keeping on.

– Pst. Simon Adediran

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