It was such an honor and blessing to have participated in the KTI Module 1 session. What a great experience it was, as all of us believers shared the same space to listen attentively to hear of the things of God from an anointed teacher. With hunger, we fed upon every word with rapt attention and soaked up understanding of the gospel into our spirit. Our spirits were well fed from this exercise and we truly appreciate the Reverend, Pastor B. and all who came together to give us this opportunity.

When an anointed teacher speaks, the manner in which the word comes together is amazing to witness. One thing that particularly stood out in the teachings were his insights on our dimensions. You hear a lot of messages about the importance of the spirit over the flesh and rightly so, but he also established the relevance of the body. According to Reverend K, the reason why many spirits are struggling to attach themselves to you is that having a body gives you a right to be on this earth, when they don’t. That is such an empowering word, as it gives me a reminder of the fact of my value and dominion on this earth.

Of all the things learnt though, I would say what stuck with me most was how everything kept coming back to the Word. You have to feed the spirit through feeding on the Word of God. To increase your faith, you stay rooted in the Word. You need to prioritize feeding over service in the house of God, and this feeding is on the Word of God. Stay long enough in the Word, and your environment begins to align with the Word, even when it didn’t seem like your confessions were the initial reality.

One of the most powerful verses that brings the power of the Word to fore is in the book of Isaiah.

‘So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth, It shall not return to Me void, but it shall accomplish what I please, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.’ – Isaiah 55.11

That verse gives such an assurance in the transformative, actionable power of the word. Just think about it, when you meditate on a Word, God has assured you that it will accomplish its purpose for your situation. Isn’t that powerful?

Are you going through a situation that needs reframing? Are you struggling with a stronghold that needs to be shaken off? Do you need assurance in a new season you are about to enter into? The Word has creative energy, use it. It is a tool that can be used to conquer situations, wield it. It can be used to fend off threats of the enemy, protect yourself with it. It can establish a lifestyle of excellence for you, deploy it. It will increase your faith, exercise it. Demons have to contend with the Word. After all, that was what Christ used in his battle against the devil. Develop a discipline of meditating on the Word and confessing appropriate ones to the situations of your life, and watch its power come to work in your life.

-Tunbosun ‘Abdul’ Ibrahim

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