So my husband and I pastor KingsWord Dallas and God’s grace is literally what we lean on daily. We have three boys, work in the industry full time and believe strongly that we have to fulfill God’s plan for our lives. We also believe that there is more to life than living everyday mundanely.

Before the church started, I personally felt I was the busiest person alive.  We had a five year old son, was pregnant with a second son, and we had just relocated to Dallas and were finding our way around the city and knew very few people. In between soccer practice, swimming classes, chess and all the extra curricula activities for our son and building our career, we wanted desperately to serve God and be used of Him.  We possibly can’t pastor a church with all the “things” we have going on. My husband and I reasoned with each other for a long time but never felt our “reasoning” got us anywhere.

God kept telling us “My Grace is sufficient for you, if you think you’ll ever be able to accomplish anything by your own strength, then forget it.  Everything in your life has to be by my Grace, including this new assignment to plant a church in a new city”. God’s grace gave us answers.

You see, I’ve found out that living a life of purpose in career, ministry, business or whatever it is that you believe God has called you to do, requires you to take a step of faith even when it seems impossible. The possibilities of your life do not show up at the beginning of the journey. it’s never evident to you or to those around you. It becomes evident as you pursue it, howbeit slowly sometimes but if you look closely, you’ll see the signs of progress.

I discovered in the past few years of pastoring a local church that Purpose produces extra time, extra energy, and extra resources.  You sleep a few hours and wake up feeling refreshed and wondering where all the energy is coming from. People ask how do you do it?  And their question just reminds me of what God said to us, Grace. Not Grace as in unmerited favor but Grace as in the ability to go beyond your natural self.  I’ve found out that it seems time gets added back to me.

Living my life, not just for myself, husband, kids, or family seems to add value and virtue to my life.   So the question you might have for me is; don’t you feel tired sometimes? My answer is, of course I do and whenever I begin to fill the weight of all the busyness and activities in my life, I go back to Grace.  In fact, I find my way back to God’s Grace.  And things just seem to come to perspective again.

Is there something that you feel God wants you to take on? Does it looms larger than life over you, I encourage you to take a step in the forward direction and lean on God to “Grace you” along. That’s what I live on every day! God’s grace does the magic.

– Pastor Bolanle Ashafa.

Kingsword Dallas

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